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  • 1 can (14.5 oz.) d!ced tomatoe𝓢 (do not u𝓢e pet!te d!ce)
  • 5 l!nk𝓢 (19.5 oz.) uncooked turkey or pork !tal!an 𝓢au𝓢age
  • 2 t𝓢p. + 2 t𝓢p. ol!ve o!l
  • 1/2 t𝓢p. dr!ed oregano
  • 𝓢alt and fre𝓢h-ground pepper to ta𝓢te (! d!dn’t u𝓢e much 𝓢alt.)
  • 8-12 oz. fre𝓢h mu𝓢hroom𝓢, wa𝓢hed and cut !nto th!ck 𝓢l!ce𝓢 (! u𝓢ed brown Crem!n! mu𝓢hroom𝓢.)
  • 1 1/2 cup𝓢 grated Mozzarella chee𝓢e (! u𝓢ed part-𝓢k!m mozzarella)
  • 15 𝓢l!ce𝓢 pepperon!, cut !n half (! u𝓢ed regular pepperon!, but for le𝓢𝓢 fat you can u𝓢e turkey pepperon! !f you prefer)
  1. Preheat oven to 400F/200C. 𝓢pray an 8 !nch x 11 !nch gla𝓢𝓢 ca𝓢𝓢erole d!𝓢h w!th non-𝓢t!ck 𝓢pray or ol!ve o!l.
  2. Pour the d!ced tomatoe𝓢 !nto a colander placed !n the 𝓢!nk and r!n𝓢e w!th cold water. Let tomatoe𝓢 dra!n a m!nute or two, then 𝓢pread them out on paper towel𝓢 to dry (or blot dry w!th another paper towel on top.)
  3. Wh!le tomatoe𝓢 dry, heat 2 t𝓢p. ol!ve o!l !n a large non-𝓢t!ck fry!ng pan, 𝓢queeze the 𝓢au𝓢age out of the ca𝓢!ng, and cook 𝓢au𝓢age over med!um-h!gh heat unt!l !t’𝓢 n!cely browned, break!ng !t apart a𝓢 !t cook𝓢. (! u𝓢e an old-fa𝓢h!oned potato ma𝓢her to break the 𝓢au𝓢age apart.)
  4. Wh!le 𝓢au𝓢age cook𝓢, wa𝓢h mu𝓢hroom𝓢, pat dry, and 𝓢l!ce !nto th!ck 𝓢l!ce𝓢.
  5. When the 𝓢au𝓢age !𝓢 done make a layer of 𝓢au𝓢age !n the bottom of the ca𝓢𝓢erole d!𝓢h and top w!th the dra!ned tomatoe𝓢, 𝓢pread!ng them out over the top of the 𝓢au𝓢age. 𝓢ea𝓢on w!th dr!ed oregano, 𝓢alt, and fre𝓢h-ground black pepper. (! d!dn’t u𝓢e much 𝓢alt.)
  6. R!n𝓢e out the pan !f needed, then heat the other 2 t𝓢p. of ol!ve o!l over med!um-h!gh heat. When the pan !𝓢 hot add the mu𝓢hroom𝓢 and cook, 𝓢t!rr!ng a few t!me𝓢, unt!l all the l!qu!d !𝓢 relea𝓢ed and the mu𝓢hroom𝓢 are 𝓢tart!ng to brown. Layer the mu𝓢hroom𝓢 over the 𝓢au𝓢age-tomato m!xture.
  7. Cut pepperon! !n half. 𝓢pr!nkle the grated Mozzarella over the top of the ca𝓢𝓢erole and lay the pepperon! p!ece𝓢 on top of the chee𝓢e, 𝓢pac!ng them evenly 𝓢o the whole top !𝓢 covered w!th pepperon!.
  8. Bake about 25 m!nute𝓢, or unt!l the chee𝓢e !𝓢 melted and 𝓢tart!ng to brown. 𝓢erve hot.
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