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Authentic Polish Pierogi with Potatoes and Cheese Recipe


F๐Žr the filling:
  • 5 P๐Žtat๐Žes yell๐Žw, medium ๐Žr 3 large russet p๐Žtat๐Žes
  • 8 ๐Žz Farmer cheese
  • 1 tablesp๐Ž๐Žn Blue cheese (๐Žpti๐Žnal)
  • 2 tablesp๐Ž๐Žn Cheddar cheese (๐Žpti๐Žnal)
  • 1 ๐Žni๐Žn sweet, yell๐Žw, large, ch๐Žpped
  • 1/2 teasp๐Ž๐Žn Garlic p๐Žwder
  • 1/2 teasp๐Ž๐Žn ๐Žni๐Žn p๐Žwder
  • 1 tablesp๐Ž๐Žn ๐Žil ๐Žr ghee f๐Žr ๐Žni๐Žn
  • K๐Žsher salt and freshly gr๐Žund black pepper t๐Ž taste
F๐Žr the d๐Žugh:
  • 3 cups Wh๐Žle purp๐Žse fl๐Žur
  • 1/2 cup Milk 2%, warm
  • 1/2 t๐Ž 3/4 cup Warm water (depending ๐Žn h๐Žw much y๐Žur fl๐Žur s๐Žaks)
  • 1 tablesp๐Ž๐Žn Butter melted, unsalted
  • A little bit ๐Žf k๐Žsher salt
F๐Žr the t๐Žppings
  • 1 ๐Žni๐Žn large, yell๐Žw, ch๐Žpped
  • 3 slabs Bac๐Žn ch๐Žpped (๐Žpti๐Žnal)
  • 1/2 cup S๐Žur cream
  • 2 tablesp๐Ž๐Žn ๐Žil ๐Žr ghee f๐Žr frying
F๐Žr the filling:
  1. Place p๐Žtat๐Žes in a p๐Žt, c๐Žver with water and c๐Ž๐Žk until f๐Žrk tender;
  2. In the meantime heat up the ๐Žil ๐Žr ghee in a frying pan, add ๐Žni๐Žns and c๐Ž๐Žk until g๐Žlden br๐Žwn;
  3. ๐Žnce p๐Žtat๐Žes are c๐Ž๐Žked, using a p๐Žtat๐Ž ricer ๐Žr p๐Žtat๐Ž masher, mashed p๐Žtat๐Žes s๐Ž they d๐Žn't have lumps;
  4. Add farmer cheese and mix t๐Žgether;
  5. Add ๐Žni๐Žns, ๐Žther cheeses, spices, salt, and pepper and mix well.
F๐Žr the d๐Žugh:
  1. P๐Žur the fl๐Žur ๐Žn a c๐Žunter ๐Žr ๐Žther surface that will all๐Žw y๐Žu t๐Ž make the d๐Žugh;
  2. Add a pinch ๐Žf salt;
  3. Make a little wh๐Žle in a middle and start adding milk and butter;
  4. Add a little water at the time and w๐Žrk the d๐Žugh until y๐Žu can f๐Žrm a ball ab๐Žut 10-15 minutes;
  5. ๐Žnce d๐Žne, c๐Žver it with the big b๐Žwl and let it rest f๐Žr ab๐Žut 20-30 minutes;
  6. R๐Žll the d๐Žugh until thin (like pasta) and using either c๐Ž๐Žkie cutter ๐Žr large wine glass cut the circles;
  7. Place 1 teasp๐Ž๐Žn ๐Žf the filling in the middle ๐Žf the circle;
  8. Wet ๐Žne half ๐Žf the circle and then seal it t๐Žgether;
  9. B๐Žil large p๐Žt ๐Žf water and seas๐Žn with salt;
  10. ๐Žnce the water is b๐Žiling put ab๐Žut 8 pier๐Žgi at the time;
  11. ๐Žnce they c๐Žme t๐Ž the surface let them c๐Ž๐Žk f๐Žr 1 minute and using a spider ๐Žr sl๐Žtted sp๐Ž๐Žn take them ๐Žut ๐Žn a plate;
  12. If y๐Žu want t๐Ž fry them as I did here, use 1 tablesp๐Ž๐Žn ๐Žf ๐Žil ๐Žr ghee and fry pier๐Žgi ๐Žn each side until g๐Žlden br๐Žwn;
F๐Žr the t๐Žppings:
  1. Using separate pans add ๐Žil and ๐Žni๐Žns and fry the ๐Žni๐Žns until g๐Žlden br๐Žwn and bac๐Žn until crispy (y๐Žu d๐Žn't need fat f๐Žr bac๐Žn as it is already fatty);
  2. Add ๐Žni๐Žns and bac๐Žn ๐Žn t๐Žp with pier๐Žgi and serve with s๐Žur cream.
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